Life Time Apple Watch App


Using Life Time Fitness’s already successful heart rate training app. Myself and small team took the initiative to image how Life Time’s popular app would look and function on such a small device. 

Through user research we met with members and customers to discover they were unable to see the information they needed due to the fact their phone was often on their arm while working out. Further complicating things was the small size of the watch. This not only played a role in the visuals but also helped shape the relative simplicity of the interactions. From the start the watch app was designed to display simple, real-time heart-rate information while being a companion to the more robust iPhone app. 


The purpose of the watch app was to display realtime heart rate data and training zone information during your workout. To achieve this we utilized the existing color coded zone system, starting with green and ending in red. The we also gave the user a completion scale in order to see how close they were to moving into the next training zone.

Once a workout was completed, either by manually using the stop button or physcially stoping, the user was given a high level workout summary, The user would be able to scroll down through a high level summary as well as tap, then swipe through a more detailed view of max heart-rate, average heart-rate, max zone, average zone and time per zone.